heritage house in Barrie renovated

Preservation of historical character

"They don't make them like that anymore" is a phrase we often hear when it comes to many things, but particularly when it comes to architecture. We agree because we love the charm and the build quality of old Ontario homes.
One of the things that Landshape Contracting believes as a core value, is the preservation and protection of the classic heritage home. Whether Victorian, Georgian or any other home with century-old design and components, we feel pride in breathing new life into old homes while making them more safe and efficient for you and your family.

Renovation on heritage home

Safety and efficiency without sacrificing charm

Part of that new life for your heritage home is upgrading dangerous old electrical components, ineffective and leaky plumbing fixtures, drafty windows and doors, as well as ineffective insulating materials and heating systems.

We are extremely diligent in making certain that our work on heritage homes is done in accordance with local historic building by-laws for such homes as covered in the Ontario Heritage Act. We know and accept the challenge as it relates to bringing electrical, plumbing and heating components into compliance with the Ontario Building Code, while also doing our best to make sure that all other original materials and features of charm are preserved.

Let us rejuvenate your heritage home to make it more safe and efficient for you while keeping its personality a reflection of those historical times.

custom cabinets on family room
front deck with custom railing on heritage home
custom columns, baseboards, stairs, hardwood floors on heritage home