kitchen white cabinets and wood countertop

Open Concept Kitchen and Addition

The kitchen is the most utilized room in the house. We can take a small, outdated kitchen and transform it into a whole new space with all the amenities and "must-haves" as we did with this project.

We extended this kitchen out into the under-utilized outdoor area of the back yard. In addition to all this extra indoor square footage, we added new custom cabinets, colour-matched the existing hardwood floor and added floor surface heating elements. We added an eye-catching fireplace, a walk-in pantry, a coffee station and large island with lots of storage. We also added a sky-light and light fixtures to compliment the century-old reclaimed wood shelves and topped things off with a nice built-in corner bench breakfast nook with more storage underneath.

Form and function balanced perfectly, and an example of how our planning is only outdone by our build quality and finishing touches.

heritage kitchen white cabinets and wood countertop

Heritage Home Kitchen Construction

This project was a 150+ year Heritage Home in Simcoe County that we completely transformed from a condemned derelict.

We did A LOT of work on this home and property from the foundation and internal structure to refurbishing every room in the house as well as landscaping. The crowning jewel of this project was the kitchen. We took particular attention and care to providing a completely renovated and functional kitchen coupled with accentuating the historic charm of the home's vintage.

We go into detail about our values for preserving historic features under the "Heritage Homes" menu selection on the left side of your screen, but here you can see the photos of how we were able to give life and preserve nostalgia to the kitchen of this great old home's kitchen.

kitchen white cabinets and black countertop
open concept kitchen with hardwood
modern kitchen renovated with black and white cabinets and marble backsplash
kitchen white cabinets and modern accent
custom kitchen island with wood countertop
kitchen white cabinets