stonework pathway backyard landscape with trees and stones landscape curb appeal with stonework
natural stones on landscaping

Curb Appeal and Sculpting of the Land

A beautiful home needs to be crowned with beautiful surroundings. It's part of what invites people to your home and makes the first impression upon them. Landscaping is often overlooked here in this part of Canada, as our ability to enjoy the outdoors is curtailed by months of Winter when our gardens, pathways and yards are covered in snow. However for those good weather days, shouldn't you relish in the beauty of lush natural features and pleasant lines of sight on your property?

Whether you opt for a simple garden, or truly want an ambitious outdoor space layered with an array of various plants, flowers, shrubs, stones and water features, we accept any challenge and will do our best to make your vision literally come to life. We can provide mature trees, assorted plants for different sun/shade exposures as well as practical hard surface areas like steps and walkways, patios and wood decks to make the landscaped area more functional, giving you a way to navigate pleasantly and safely. Your land to us is like the lump of clay to the sculptor: the possibilities are only limited by the aritistic vision behind the hands. Our name Landshape says it all- we specialize in shaping your land to suit the desires of your surroundings.


Looking to have a beautiful and low maintenance landscape? We planned ahead of time to include all your must-haves. Depending on budget, locations and conditions of the property we can create a custom plan to fullfill each of your needs..