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As folks who live in Southern Ontario, we all know what the fluctuation of freezing and thawing can do to interlocking brick and other stone surfacing over the years. Improperly installed or rushed stone/brick surface work is "outted" usually after the first harsh winter when components begin to heave up or sink and gaps in the connections begin to appear. Stonework needs to be done right the first time, and we pledge ourselves to that ideal. We work with a wide range of natural stones and engineered material according to your budget to make any hardscape a showcase.

Some of the benefits of using hardscape materials are the beauty and cleanliness of the natural look, the durability and longevity of the material compared to wood decking and let's face it: a better and easier maintenance alternative to grass that you always have to tend to!

We can create formal or informal patios and walkways using different materials such as flagstones, pavers, bricks, gravel or concrete. You decide on the look and the layout.

Connecting Your Outdoor Spaces

When landscaping a yard, homeowners often overlook walkways and pathways to connect the different spaces in the yard. By ignoring paths, a garden can become disjointed due to the lack of transitions and connections. We bring our expertise to make your outdoor living areas a perfect space for your needs, using different shapes, dimensions, materials and colors that we design with attention to the details you wish for us to provide.