Landshape Contracting home aditions


A room addition can provide an extra functional space for your family's lifestyle and increase the value of your home. Ranging from the simple sun room expansion to an entire second floor rebuild, our team comprised of architects, engineers and designers can assure that your addition will be constructed where it would appear as a continuation of the original architecture and in all aspects will look stunning.

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Landshape Contracting kitchen renovations


"Everybody always ends up in the kitchen" is a tried and true reality, so the kitchen has to be functional and accommodating. If you’re planning to overhaul your kitchen from a simple "re-skinning" to a full "gut and rebuild" we can design your perfect cooking and conversation space with all the new trends and features, from cabinets, to lighting and flooring to appliances and countertops. All in one custom design from our experts.

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Landshape Contracting bathroom renovation


Bathrooms in the average home take a beating. Stesses on fixtures and fluctuations in humidity make the bathroom the most frequently renovated room in the house. Finding the right look and functionality for your bathroom can be a challenge that our designers are more than happy to help you with. We are also really skilled at mixing older nostlagic fixtures and features with modern functionality and efficiency. We have had many happy customers who can tell you their histories. Check some of them in our page clicking to read more.

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Landshape Contracting basement renovation


Low ceilings, chopped up utility spaces, dampness and mould: These are some of the drawbacks of the most under-utilized living space in your home. We can help you in transforming a dark and dank basement into a special place for any type of makeover you are dreaming about. A sport-themed man cave, a home theater/entertainment area or a rental suite for supplementary income potential. You're paying taxes on the space, why not start enjoying it as functional living space?
There are many possibilities that we can help you with.

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Landshape Contracting heritage home renovation

Heritage Homes

If you are a homeowner trying to make decisions about renovation or repair to your century home or outdated property, we have the experience and staff to renovate any residential, commercial or institutional buildings for bringing it up to current building code standards without sacrificing the charm and aesthetics that heritage building statutes and regulations require for preservation.

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Landshape Contracting decks


When it comes to outfitting an outdoor space, decks are typical must-haves for many homeowners. We can update your outdoor space with low-maintenance composite decking or the traditional wood. Adding accents like built-in lighting features, multiple color planks, decorative columns and custom stairs can give your property the high end look that is so desirable.

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Landshape Contracting landscape and hardscape


First impressions are lasting impressions, and having an amazing looking lawn and landscaped space is the welcome mat to your home. As our name indicates, our hallmark is the experience and talent we have for shaping comfortable and accessible outdoor spaces full of colour and balance. It's all done with a variety of materials that can diminish the level of maintenance required so you can spend more time enjoying your yard than working on it.

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Landshape Contracting hardscape and stonework


Stonework is part artistry and part back-breaking labour and we provide both. We have the knowledge, the expertise, the skilled labour and the specialized equipment needed to efficiently complete your stonework and hardscape project on time the first time. When it's all done, you will have a wow factor that will connect the structure part of your property with the land part of your property.

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